The variety of IoT devices in the smart and connected AXON™-powered home include those for network, media, control and monitoring.

What is AXON?

When everyone speaks the same language, things simply work better.  AXON translates the communications from a wide variety of IoT devices into the same standard IP-based language.  This vast and evolving IoT ecosystem is a massive opportunity for applications. AXON is a managed, modular platform upon which services and applications can be deployed and maintained.

AXON’s horizontal and wide platform design provides customers and developers a robust and evolving landscape of device-powered real-time data.  We work with our customers and use this data to jointly create diverse revenue generating business models for IoT. This is in refreshing contrast to vertical "platforms" that are built to a specifically narrow set of use cases.

AXON Platform

Reference Applications

Ready to be deployed IoT applications make it easy for leading brands to create value and deliver a world-class user experience.