Greenwave Systems quickly delivers managed services that create and realize value for your customers through an approach customized to your product strategy and business goals.

Greenwave360° Customer Approach

Greenwave’s disruptive engagement model delivers the following advantages:


Best-in-class horizontal IoT platform

Securely manages the massive volume of time-sensitive data that smart devices process continually

Framework for well-defined APIs

Supports best-in-class applications + reference apps can be easily plugged in and managed with intuitive smart controls

Advanced tools and self-healing

Monitors itself in real-time with a self-healing application that automatically triggers enhancements and optimizations


AXON Platform

AXON™ is the only horizontal IoT platform solution that integrates broad device ecosystem management with video experience.

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Data & Analytics

Advanced management capabilities lower Total Cost of Ownership through self-healing diagnostics that reduce support calls.

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IFTTT Greenwave Systems Channel

Smart Home devices and services Powered by Greenwave Systems can now be controlled with recipes from IFTTT. Visit the IFTTT website to see what can be done with IFTTT recipes.

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