Greenwave Systems provides a comprehensive 360° IoT solution that helps leading brands design, build, deploy and manage connected appliances and services that improve efficiency and enhance productivity. Leading brands rely on Greenwave360° to quickly roll out new customer offerings simply, affordably and at scale.

Connect Devices to the Internet

Home2Cloud and Enterprise2Cloud are extensible cloud-based platforms that can connect all devices seamlessly to the Internet through simplified device discovery and installation. Providing ultimate flexibility in terms of connectivity options, the platforms support open standards, accommodate devices that run on different radio technologies, API’s and protocols; and connect low power devices. 

Greenwave Systems and Greenwave360 IoT solution.png

Scalable Cloud Platform Options to Deliver Managed Services

Home2Cloud and Enterprise2Cloud are scalable service and M2M application platforms designed for users in either a home or enterprise environment to securely manage the massive volume of time-sensitive data that smart devices process continually.  The high-availability platform solution is based on a NoSQL architecture that is fully optimized for sophisticated big data applications so GreenWave partners can confidently deploy managed services at scale.

Framework for Best-In-Class Applications

Home2Cloud and Enterprise2Cloud provide a framework of well-defined APIs to support best-in-class applications for either a home or enterprise environment. In addition, Greenwave offers its own applications and services for connected lighting, home monitoring and energy management that can be easily plugged in and managed with intuitive smart controls for a seamless end-to-end experience. 

Advanced Management Tools and Self-Healing

Home2Cloud and Enterprise2Cloud include advanced management capabilities that monitors itself in real-time with a self-healing application that automatically triggers enhancements and optimizations. Service call volume is significantly decreased as errors are resolved even before the service provider or user is notified. The result is increased operational efficiencies, dramatically lower deployment costs and a more satisfying user experience.