Ready to be deployed IoT applications make it easy for leading brands to create value and deliver a world-class user experience.

Home Monitoring


Create a fully-integrated, easy-to-use solution for monitoring and controlling a wide range of home activities and actions by integrating home monitoring services with the broader home energy management and connected lighting solution. For example, lights can be automatically turned on before a consumer returns home because the system is able to detect when the smart phone is within a certain distance from the home.

 Additional Lifestyle Services

Consider additional lifestyle services, such as home automation, electric car charging, elder care and appliance monitoring, by integrating motion, wireless cameras and other sensors to offer compelling new smart home services that will build customer loyalty and create additional on-going revenue opportunities.

Connected Lighting


Greenwave Systems connected lighting reference application empowers our customers to deliver state of the art connected lighting to their consumers.

The Greenwave Systems connected lighting solution leverages the NXP JenNet-IP™ protocol, a leading IPv6-based stack for low power networks, because it offers several advantages over alternative low power protocols. It’s secure, scalable and lightweight design allows for fast response time and quick recovery when used in conjunction with legacy wall switches.

Each lamp contains a wireless antenna that delivers high-quality, reliable communication between the bulbs. The solution currently supports up to 250 lamps in a single network, but multiple lighting gateways can be combined to form an even larger network that includes thousands of lamps.

The lamps typically consume about 80% less energy than an equivalent incandescent or halogen lamp. The LED’s deliver a pleasing, warm light rated at 2700°K for incandescent replacements or 3000°K for halogen replacements.

Connecting Lighting Solution includes:

  • System integration for residential connected lighting solutions
  • Software and hardware supplier of lamp software and communication modules
  • Wireless gateways and bridges
  • Remote controls
  • Connected lighting applications for smart phones and tablets
  • Cloud-based lighting as a service with diagnostics, reporting and support capabilities
  • Turn-key lighting solution with a wide selection of lamps from our partners

Connected Lighting Applications for Smart Devices

Provide a smart lighting environment that lets users control and adjust home lighting to gain comfort, convenience and energy savings. Lamps can be easily connected onto a home’s Wi-Fi network with their own IPv6 address so they can be controlled individually or as part of a group with a smart phone, tablet or computer.  Users can easily program their lighting system to turn on and off while arriving or leaving the house, or dim the bulbs to create the desired ambiance. 

Energy Management

Greenwave-Energy-Management-Heating -Cooling

Energy Visualization & Reporting

Gain upfront value from smart meter deployments and give customers visibility into their home energy consumption. This application captures import readings to create in-depth reporting and social comparisons by interfacing with Meter Data Management (MDM) systems, or integrating with smart meters or meter readers. It also provides “Set It and Forget It” budgeting protection functions and tariff-based usage analysis, including Time of Use (TOU) tariffs. 

Heating & Cooling Management Solutions

Thermostat integration puts the user in charge of their heating and cooling system. Smart controls make it possible to control the thermostat through schedules, events or manually from a smart phone or a conventional browser.

Solar Management

Our solar solution provides a complete overview of import, export, generation and home consumption, including amount earned and saved details. A replay feature on the overview page provides performance information over time. 

Home Control & Sensor Integration

The Greenwave platform supports multiple industry standards including Z-Wave® ZigBee® and JenNet™ for easy integration of a wide variety of controls and sensors that can add value to any energy management installation. Greenwave’s powernodes will also support energy monitoring and home control.