Helping You Make All The Right Connections


Helping You Make All The Right Connections

About Greenwave Systems

Greenwave Systems is a global Internet of Things (IoT) software and services company whose disruptive Greenwave360º™ model enables category-leading brands to quickly and profitably deploy managed services.

Greenwave Systems empowers market leading brands to profitably deploy their own Internet of Things managed services and products to foster deeper customer relationships and grow their business.

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Greenwave Systems quickly delivers managed services that create and realize value for your customers through an approach customized to your product strategy and business goals.

Greenwave360° Customer Approach

Greenwave’s disruptive engagement model delivers the following advantages:


Best-in-class horizontal IoT platform

Securely manages the massive volume of time-sensitive data that smart devices process continually

Framework for well-defined APIs

Supports best-in-class applications + reference apps can be easily plugged in and managed with intuitive smart controls

Advanced tools and self-healing

Monitors itself in real-time with a self-healing application that automatically triggers enhancements and optimizations


AXON Platform

AXON™ is the only horizontal IoT platform solution that integrates broad device ecosystem management with video experience.

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Data & Analytics

Advanced management capabilities lower Total Cost of Ownership through self-healing diagnostics that reduce support calls.

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IFTTT Greenwave Systems Channel

Smart Home devices and services Powered by Greenwave Systems can now be controlled with recipes from IFTTT. Visit the IFTTT website to see what can be done with IFTTT recipes.

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News & Events


News & Events

Latest Press Releases


September 22, 2015

Most Innovative IoT Solution Award

Broadband World Forum Awards to be presented on 21 October

Internet of Things expert and leading software platform provider, Greenwave Systems, has been included on the shortlist for the prestigious 2015 Broadband World Forum Awards in the category of "Most Innovative Internet of Things Solution". The awards will be presented in London on 21 October.



September 11, 2014

IoT World Europe: Greenwave Systems Presents: The AXON Platform® As A Central Interface

Birkeroed (DK), 11 September 2015  – The market researchers from Gartner consider the Internet of Things (IoT) to be an area of particular public interest and attention in terms of the company's "hype cycle”. The Internet of Things World Europe clearly agrees - it is dedicating a whole conference to the topic. On 5 - 7 October 2015, the event will focus on everything related to the networked world at the Maritim proArte Hotel in Berlin. Greenwave Systems, a leading provider of software and IoT services, will showcase its vision of the Internet of Things at stand 2 and the company will explain its 360° model for collaboration with partners, such as telecommunications and service providers. Read More...



Upcoming Events


IOT World Europe

Maritim proArte, Berlin, Germany
October 6 - 7, 2015


Broadband World Forum

Excel, London, UK
October 20 - 22, 2015


International CES 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada
January 6 - 9, 2016


Mobile World Congress 2016

Barcelona, Spain
February 22 - 25, 2016


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Not all motion sensing PIRs are the same. Some are strictly useful for security detection purposes and can limit an integrator's ability to deploy a workable Internet of Things (IoT) system. Here are 5 key features to look for in sensors. Read More...

The Hierarchy of IoT "Things" Needs

I received a lot of feedback on an article I wrote a few months ago about changing the way we perceive the “Things” in the Internet of Things (IoT)... Read More...


Why privacy concerns will hinder trust in the Internet of Things

While the main goal the Internet of Things is to make our lives more efficient and cost-effective, where is the real opportunity – and more importantly, what are the dangers? Read More...


A Customized Approach To Enhance Product Development

Greenwave named as a Top 20 Most Promising M2M Solution Provider by CIO Review Magazine.  Our founder and CEO, Martin Manniche, talks about our innovative customer approach and how the AXON Platform is revolutionizing the industry.  Read more...


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